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Thursday 4 September 2008

Leisha Hailey to star in 'The L Word' spin-off.

As many gay women are, I am a huge fan of Leisha Hailey.

Actress and musician, Leisha is probably most famous for her role as Alice Pieszecki on Showtime's The L Word.

Earlier in the year, cable network Showtime announced that there will be a spin-off show of The L Word - due to come to an end in it's sixth series. It wasn't
until this week, however, that the television station finally confirmed that Ms. Hailey would be the central character of the new franchise. Shooting of the pilot episode will begin in December 2008, but there is no news yet on when the show itself will begin.

Personally, I can't think of any better character that writer and executive producer Ilene Chaiken could have chosen. Cute, smart and downright witty, Alice is clearly the most lovable character by a long way. (Okay, maybe not as lovable as the late Dana Fairbanks, played by talented actress Erin Daniels, but of the characters who are still alive, there's no doub
t.) I would say that there is also no actress better to be chosen than Leisha also - she's possibly the most widely-liked character, and not only for her sex appeal. (*cough* Shane.)

As all L Word fans know, Alice & Dana (pictured together, above) were one of the sweetest couples that ever existed on planet lesbian. So who knows - will Alice & Dana the ghost be reunited in this exciting new spin-off?

For more information on Leisha's current band Uh Huh Her, go to


Harlzo said...

i do honestly agree with this.. specially the fact that there couldnt be a better character picked for the role. she's simply quite divine : D

vaca ululera said...

i love her!
i from chile.. and i love the l word.. and Uh Huh Her...

mmmm.... that's all.. for today..

Kiss for you :)