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Tuesday 22 January 2013

The Spice Girls Love Lesbians!

So we're a little late to blog about this, but 90s favourites the Spice Girls recently tweeted their love for lesbians.

Melanie Brown (left) and Geri Halliwell at the Brit Awards in 2010.
When expressing her love for one of the characters in the new Spice Girls Musical, Mel B jokingly replied to Geri saying "lesbian!"

Halliwell responded with a resounding "I love lesbians", but Mel B confirmed that she did too.

I'm not sure why, but some people have been taking offence to the Spice Girls' comments - I just think they're adorable!

What was your favourite girl power song by the Spice Girls back in the day?

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cjmax02 said...

Apparently the Spice Girls are in people's minds right now - last week my girl and I watched the movie together and laughed our arses off.

Favourite song? Tough call. Definitely the pre-Geri-leaving era albums.

Wannabe, probably my personal favourite - it makes you happy and it's got that great message about friendship.

My gf says that Viva Forever is one she "really liked". Well, yeah, of course. They were FAIRIES in the video!