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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Up & Coming LGBTQ Music: Leila Abigail

Who doesn't love a Canadian lesbian who can play an instrument? That's right, no one!

Leila Abigal has a cool, unique sound that you cannot miss!

Check out her single "Mabel & the Girls" right here on All Things Lesbian!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

LGBT JEWELRY Designer RONY TENNENBAUM To Appear In New Publication



NEW YORK, NY - EQL, a brand new highly stylized, biannual (Spring & Fall, 2014) print magazine committed to the celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) weddings and destinations is teaming up with one of the most distinguished voices of authority in the LGBT Bridal Jewelry industry, jewelry designer Rony Tennenbaum

Tennenbaum is set to premiere his column on wedding jewelry etiquette in the first issue of EQL Magazine due out on newsstands this month providing readers with a fresh take on jewelry news, fashion, protocol, wedding and engagement themes, tips and advice.

The burgeoning same-sex wedding industry is fast-steadily attracting a wide range of not only businesses looking to expand into the “untapped" booming LGBT market; but is also attracting a new group of consumers.  As more and more visionary companies are taking the leap, they seek to do so by calling upon Tennenbaum’s expert understanding in the culture, tastes and needs of the LGBT community, as well as the jewelry and diamond worlds.

Tennenbaum’s outreach to both community and retailers in his public appearances called, “Rony Talks”, has been sending a strong message of inclusiveness to the LGBT community for almost a decade. More than just a designer, Tennenbaum understands the need in educating a generation of retailers as well as consumers who are facing new traditions and etiquettes.  

Tennenbaum who is also currently lending his expert voice to, and has previously served as a contributing author for Engagement 101 Magazine and, is thrilled to be bringing his expertise to EQL Magazine. 

Slotted for a Spring debut, EQL Destinations for Weddings will bring to the marketplace glorious, highly visual editorial content, brimming with comprehensive coverage of the world’s most enchanting dream weddings exclusively for the LBGT community. The 144-page, full-color glossy will showcase engaging content written by celebrated wedding experts and travel writers, exquisite photography featuring unique locations around the world, positioning itself as the go-to resource for all things wedding. 

“At this very important time in our nation’s history, I feel honored to be introducing a non-political magazine that has one focus—to be a testament to the joy of celebrating love. We are confident that the quality of the magazine, the personal stories, and inspired feature articles will be a huge hit with readers,” says Leslie Hurd, publisher.

Celebrating the unbroken string of state victories in marriage equality, Tennenbaum - at the helm of his brand - is not only breaking the mold with his designs, but is also using his expertise and message behind his jewelry to be in the vanguard of a new generation of jewelry consumers, and including with him any pioneer who wishes to join forces with him and his message on the journey.

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Monday, 30 June 2014

BIONIC STRAP-ON Paves New Paths to Sexual Fulfillment

DENVER --- Throughout the majority of history, the body a person is born with has dictated the limits of “his” or “her” sexual options. Orgasmatronics Inc. is using modern science to change that story.

The Ambrosia Vibe is a new type of strap-on dildo that acts as an active sexual organ rather than a static piece of silicone. When stimulated, the Ambrosia transmits a signal and delivers a corresponding vibration to the wearer.
One of the most liberating uses for technology in general is to free individuals from the constraints of their bodies, whether it’s letting us see things hundreds of miles away, fly, or live underwater. Our technology lets people not born with a biological penis have a richer experience as they play with sensation of their new ‘organ.’
– Dr. X Treme

For more information about this AMAZING new technology, click HERE

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Femme F**K You!: "Nice Tits"

Femme F**k You: About the series

"Being a femme lesbian is much harder than you would think. We've all been overlooked by hot dykes who have mistaken us as heterosexual, and we've all been chatted up by that creepy straight dude who wants a threesome with you and your girlfriend. Femme, F**k You is dedicated to the highs and lows of being a femme lesbian and how I view the gay world through a feminine lens."

Femme, F**k You!: “NICE TITS!”

Though this is without doubt a problem that many young girls face daily, despite their sexuality, I am 9 million per cent sure that femme lesbians will agree with me most on this one.

To read THE FULL ARTICLE on Pink Lobster Dating (don't worry - it's free!), click HERE!

Thursday, 26 June 2014



Cleveland, OH – The legendary Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend – the biggest lesbian event of its kind in the world – is confirmed to be hosting the only official Gay Games-sanctioned women party this summer in Cleveland, Ohio.

The announcement comes on the heels of the massive success of this past April’s Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, CA, which broke all attendance records and garnered extensive national and worldwide media coverage.

Impressed with the outstanding achievement of Mariah Hanson – the mastermind behind The Dinah – and her team in organizing for over two decades such a high profile event featuring such an elite group of high caliber performers, organizers of the 2014 Cleveland Games handpicked the event producer extraordinaire to exclusively produce the official lesbian party for Gay Games 9 (GG9).

“We’re immensely honored to be joining forces with the entire Gay Games 9 team and have no doubt our combined efforts will turn this incredibly formidable LGBT Sport and Cultural event into the best one ever,” says Mariah Hanson, founder and producer of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend.

The bash dubbed “The Victory Party” will take place starting at 8:00pm EST August 13 at The Velvet Dog, Cleveland's premiere nightclub & dance destination for 15 years.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Mariah Hanson and beyond excited to be bringing such a staple event in LGBT culture to the Velvet Dog,” says club manager Georgina Karim.

Voted Cleveland's BEST Nightclub for the past five years in a row, The Velvet Dog is located in the warehouse district, a bastion of nightlife in the heart of the city.

"The Dinah team is honored to bring our special brand of high octane event production laced with first class entertainment and music to Cleveland’s Gay Games. We couldn’t have picked a better host location than the Velvet Dog, the premiere nightclub in Cleveland. Plus we love the idea of a rooftop patio! We're expecting a sell out crowd and plan to deliver an unforgettable event, Dinah style,” says Mariah Hanson.

The “Victory” party will mark Club Skirts’ second Gay Games participation. Hanson previously produced the largest women's event in 2006 at the navy pier in Chicago, IL, showing Club Skirts’ enduring commitment to securing the nicest locations available to showcase the host city.

Presented by the Cleveland Foundation, Gay Games 9 is one of the biggest sports & cultural festivals in the world and comes to the Cleveland and Akron areas August 9-16, 2014.

“Here at Gay Games 9 we are excited to welcome everyone to our region and especially all the women of the world and what better partners to collaborate with then the most Amazing, Club Skirts, The Dinah. This will be "THE" Party to attend for all of the women.  So, come celebrate "Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best"  as we embrace and unite as one, “ says Michelle DeLozier, Gay Games 9 Culture Co-Chair.

Open to all adults - regardless of sexual orientation or athletic ability - Gay Games 9 will host 11,000 participants from all over the world (including countries where homosexuality remains illegal and hidden), and will feature more than 35 sports, band and choral competitions, and community and cultural events.

Launched over thirty years ago, the large scale, weeklong event is about more than just an Olympic-style sporting competition with spectacular ceremonies and parties; it is first and foremost about a celebration of the LGBT community and a celebration of the spirit of unity and diversity.  This message holds particular significance as Ohio, while recently ordered to recognize out-of-state gay marriages, still remains in the nationwide race to legalize same-sex marriage in its own state.

Both Mariah Hanson and organizers of the 2014 Cleveland Games see the event as not only a chance to show that the industrial Midwest can be gay-friendly, but also as an important potential catalyst for change.  

Hanson has been sending a strong message of inclusion through the Dinah.
The event has not only come to embody the very notion of living life out loud, but has also been systematically transforming lives.

“Club Skirts has been passionately committed to extending its involvement beyond the actual Dinah in promoting and showcasing the rich diversity of our LGBT talents by engaging in and supporting events that create and enhance opportunities for our community,” comments Hanson. “We look forward to Gay Games week and can’t wait to ignite Cleveland's lesbian nightlife.”

Stay tuned as Mariah Hanson will be announcing the headlining act in the coming weeks.

Tickets to the event are $25 per person, or $50 for VIP, which includes bottle service opportunity, and access to all VIP areas in all three floors as well as the spectacular roof top patio that overlooks the entire city of Cleveland.


For More information about Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend “Victory Party” go to:
Information about Gay Games 9 is available at:
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Tuesday, 24 June 2014



LOS ANGELES, CA – Writer/director Marina Rice Bader (Exec. Producer of Elena Undone, A Perfect Ending) will make her directorial debut at the 32nd Annual Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival with the world premiere of her feature film entitled “Anatomy of a Love Seen”. 

Outfest – the Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that promotes equality by creating, sharing, and protecting LGBT stories on the screen – officially announced on June 4th the complete programming lineup for its 32nd Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival. The nation’s leading LGBT festival will be held July 10 through July 20, 2014.

Bader’s lesbian-themed feature film will be screening Friday July 18th, 2014 at 7:00PM at THE DGA 1, located in The Directors Guild of America in West Hollywood, CA.  The premiere will be followed by an exclusive cocktail reception after-party with the entire cast and crew.

As the driving force behind Soul Kiss Films, her own independent film company, Bader’s mind and artistic direction is only focused on one goal:  to create evocative, entertaining, and compelling movies by women, for women and about women. And she’s already successfully planting the seeds to do just that with “Anatomy of a Love Seen” and the upcoming “Raven’s Touch”.

“Anatomy of a Love Seen” stars Hollywood newcomers Sharon Hinnendael, Jill Evyn and Constance Brenneman.  This film within a film explores love in all its painful and messy glory.  The story takes us back six months, when actresses Zoe  (Sharon Hinnendael) and Mal (Jill Evyn) fell for each other at exactly the same moment in time while filming a love scene. After five blissful months together Zoe was decimated when Mal walked away. Three miserable weeks later a very lucrative network broadcast deal was in the works. They only had one the love scene. Welcome to the set. 

Shot in five days, this improvised film based on Bader’s story, characters and outline fulfilled her desire to create a very organic and visceral experience.  “Anatomy of a Love Seen” was made on a small budget, but that hasn't stopped a huge online buzz. Released just a few weeks ago, the trailer for the film is making a lot of noise having already garnered well over 125,000 views:

Bringing a unique passion to her craft and desire to make her mark, Marina Rice Bader is one talented filmmaker to keep an eye on.


Tickets go on sale to members on June 10 and to the general public on June

For more information about “Anatomy of a Love Seen” go to:
Twitter:  @SoulKissFilms
Hashtags: #outfestla #outfest and #undermyumbrella

Sunday, 22 June 2014




Antigone Rising’s brand new music video for their song “Get To You” officially hit cyberspace today:

The all-female-boot-stompin'-alt-country-rock band filmed the music video with directors Jie Yi and Valerie Lasser during their run of New England tour dates back in March 2014. The catchy track is taken from the band’s newly released EP “Whiskey & Wine - Volume 1", which dropped on iTunes and their official website March 25th, 2014. 

The concept of the “Get To You” video is meant to invoke the sense of bonding and spiritual sisterhood that naturally forms and is collectively shared between all band members while on the road, living together in close quarters for long periods of time, be it on a tour bus or on stage.

The music video gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into Antigone Rising’s tight-knit camaraderie which provides all four of them - Kristin Ellis-Henderson, Cathy Henderson, Nini Camps and Dena Tauriello - a much-welcome backbone and support for the long weeks spent away from home and from their loved ones. “Get To You” ultimately shows how on the road, Antigone Rising is a family.

Antigone Rising was the first band on Starbuck’s Hear Music (Lava Records) that exploded into the spotlight selling over 150,000 copies of their debut LP and landing in the top 20 of the “Billboard Heatseekers” chart for an entire year.  

Since then Antigone Rising has gone from touring with such prestigious acts as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Allman Brothers Band, The Bangles and Rob Thomas; traveling to the Middle East, spending time in Israel and the West Bank as cultural ambassadors for the United States Embassy, to making national headlines for having its co- founding member, Kristen Henderson featured on the envelope-pushing cover of Time Magazine's Equality issue.

With an enduring success that ensures constant touring, it’s hard to find a band currently busier than Antigone Rising. 
In addition to extensively touring across the US, Antigone Rising is also running a packed promotional campaign for not just one but TWO brand new EPs for 2014: the already released 'Whiskey & Wine - Volume 1" and "Whiskey & Wine - Volume 2” due out October 28th.   

Doing things very differently with these releases, the band plans to put a laser focus on each and every song on the 2 EPs. 
The goal is to stay connected and involved with the fans who have always been the lifeblood of, and the most critical part of the band’s formula for success. Fans can expect loads of Antigone Rising content with videos, behind the scenes footage, and alternate mixes and versions.  

Showing no sign of slowing down, at the root of it all, Antigone Rising is keeping their minds focused on one goal: to “Get To You”!


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Twitter: @AntigoneRising