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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Men We Couldn't POSSIBLY Turn Down

Yeah, yeah, this is a lesbian blog.

But its also a lesbian OPINION blog.

And you know straight girls always have their "girl crushes"? Well we figured, why can't we gay girls have our "man crushes"?

Here's a run down of a few of the only men we'd willingly let touch our vaginas kiss us.

Alexander Skarsgård - Edward who? Twilight? What's Twilight?

Hell to the no, we like our vampires just like this one. Skarsgård, who plays reformed bad boy vamp Eric Northman, on True Blood is one hell of a guy. (Okay, maybe we've said 'hell' too much now.)

Not only is the writing on True Blood incredibly witty, Alexander makes his character the best male on the show - he's not whiny like Bill, in other words. He's bad ass.

All of this makes him a definite YES in our books.

Jesse Williams (top) and Eric Dane - Now we've stuck these two together, because they're both Grey's Anatomy veterans, but they couldn't be more different.

Yet look how suave and broody they both are. And have you seen them on Grey's? They're like the wonder-duo of plastic surgery.

And we can tell why these two were cast, if you know what I mean.

Matt Bomer - Now I've been a fan of this guy ever since he appeared in classic Eliza Dushku show, Tru Calling, but as of late, he's become more recognizable to the public eye.

Not only did he feature in super camp blockbuster Magic Mike in 2012, he can also be seen donning that swag suit of his in White Collar.

Why do we like him? Maybe its his baby blues. Maybe its the fact that he always seems kinda gay.

Whatever it is, he's a beautiful man.

SIDE NOTE TO ALL TELEVISION PRODUCERS: More female characters should wear suits. Hot, hot, hot!

Justin Bieber - Okay, okay, unpopular opinion. But we had to have at least one guy who looks like a lesbian on the list, right?

He's come a long way since 2009 when he was still that annoying kid with floppy hair.

He may be a douche in interviews/all real-life situations, but look how gorgeous he is!

Robert Downey Jr. - I mean, who can resist Iron Man, for Christ's sake?!

Mark Harmon - Oh, Mark Harmon. The older, wiser man.

You may be thinking "is this a joke?" NO. This is no joke. Mark Harmon is hot and always has been. Don't believe me? Check out some of his older photographs.

Most people know him as special agent Gibbs in NCIS. And that is part of what makes him hot. Super hot.

Either that, or we just have Daddy issues...

Who did we miss that you're forever calling your "guy crush"?

I know, I know, Taye Diggs should have made the list. Anyone else?

Let us know below!


Bruna Louise said...

That was a weird post... I'd add the guys from The Voice, Adam and Blake! My friends say they are my guy crushes because they have a feminine side. lol

Anonymous said...

Gary Barlow for me....

Anonymous said...

Jude Law, of course :)

Anonymous said...

Jude Law, for me :)

Unknown said...

In the words of DR. John Watson (bbc) Oh, God yes.