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Wednesday 30 January 2013

UP & COMING GAY MUSIC: Bec & Sebastian Ivanov

Remember when we said we were supporters of up and coming LGBTQ artists? Well, we weren't kidding!

This time we're promoting the wonderful brother/sister duo, Bec & Sebastian Ivanov.

Who can we compare them to? This pair of gay siblings are an acoustic-sounding, piano playing team, who could be described as a cross between Vanessa Carlton in the piano department and Jessie J in regards to vocal talent, twisted together with a raw, indie-pop edge.

Check out the incredibly catchy "It Comes To An End" below!

Check out more from Bec & Sebastian by clicking HERE and to like them on Facebook, click HERE!


Anonymous said...

awesome awesome awesome...

Jodie said...

This is wicked! Love that u champion new and unsigned bands. Have u heard of a band called THE CUT OUTS? i have just found them on Facebook here is the link

Would be totally awesome if u would feature them!

love your blog btw,

Much love

Jodie x