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Monday 19 November 2012

LESMOVIE REVIEW: Bloomington (2010)

As an addition to this wonderful website of lesbianism, I've decided to begin reviewing a series of lesbian movies, all for your amusement.

The first movie in this series is a movie I watched last night - Bloomington.

Okay, maybe I'm a little late with this one. I'd heard of it, but never forced myself to watch it.

Made in 2010, Bloomington has a plot line not dissimilar to the 2006 lesbian movie, Loving Annabelle.

Teacher-student lesbian relationship? You got it. Take a look:

(Image courtesy of lezgirlslike via Tumblr)

Stopped staring at that image yet? Okay.

Unlike Loving Annabelle though, we follow a girl who was formally a child TV star named Jackie, who begins a new life at college, in a town aptly named 'Bloomington'.

Give the film, oh, around 15 minutes, and we already have our first lesbian kiss. That's right - unlike many other lesbian movies, this one gets going pretty much straight away. SCORE.

Jackie gets involved with her sexy psych professor, Catherine, who sweeps her off her feet in an instant.

Similarly to the majority however, this lesbian film comes with drama. Lots of drama.

Sure, you'll fangirl over this:

(Image: Lipstick-Lesbian via Tumblr)

But then you'll lose your shit over... Well, I can't ruin it for you, can I?!

Unfortunately, what would have been a good (if not ultra-cheesy) lesbian movie turns into an old lesbian cliché: the end is abrupt and sort of just fizzles out.

I won't tell you how it ends, but safe to say you're not gonna be happy about it. (Don't base your expectations of this lesbian love story on the likes of The Notebook, because the end will just disappoint the crap out of you.)

But hey... At least no one dies!*

Lesmovie Rating: 7 out of 10 - watch it... but don't expect too much.

*If you don't watch lesbian movies or television a lot, you probably won't know that someone always dies. So this was actually a nice surprise!

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Boss said...

i always like lesbian related movies! it's even much better than porn, you know ? it all clean :D