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Monday 26 November 2012

LESBOOK REVIEW: But She is My Student

Looking for some easy-read, lesbian novels?

Then we have a treat for you!

Kiki Archer is an up and coming, out lesbian author from the United Kingdom.

Her first, best-selling novel, But She is My Student caters chiefly to the lady lovin' lady audience - not to say men and straight women can't enjoy it too!

BSIMS tells the story of a forbidden romance between a teacher and her student - now where have we heard that before?

However, unlike its motion picture siblings (Loving Annabelle, Bloomington), Archer's tale has a difference.

First and foremost, it is set in a UK school. True, there are some references that North American (and other) audiences won't understand, but don't worry - this novel won't leave you feeling lost.

Archer succeeds in including relevant, modern allusions and interweaves them with an exciting plot that will leave you not wanting to put the book down. Of course, me being the grammar Nazi that I am, I spotted some grammar errors, but they don't get in the way of telling this great story.

The dialogue between the protagonists and their friends is never unrealistic - I'm pretty sure I've had some of these exact conversations in my real life! - and the characters are easily relatable, what with all their anxieties and drama, creating a love for each personality.

Perhaps the biggest difference from most lesbian media we see today is the ending. I won't spoil it for you, but it won't leave you disappointed like the majority of lesbian fiction.

On the whole, Kiki Archer is no doubt one of the top lesbian authors of today - being gay herself really shows throughout the novel and you can tell she has an understanding of troubles the LGBTQ community goes through day by day.

LesBook Rating: 9 out of 10 - I'm not saying its perfect, but its definitely worth a read! (Especially with there being so little, good lesbian novels out there.)

Click HERE to download the (extremely cheap!) Kindle version of But She is My Student. (And HERE if you're in North America!)

For more on Kiki Archer, go to her official website:

Coming Soon: We review Archer's sequel - Instigations!

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