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Tuesday 6 November 2012

"A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Equality"

Those of you in the States will know that today is crucial to the future of your country.

Let's quickly take a look at a genuine quote from Mitt Romney himself:

I do not favour marriage between people of the same gender and I don't favour civil unions.

I'd like to ask you one question: If Mitt Romney is saying things such as this, why are you voting for him?

A vote for Romney is a vote for turning back the clock. A vote for Romney is a vote in favour of discrimination against who you are and against those you love.

Now, I don't care if you don't want to get married. I don't care if you don't think marriage is an important factor to you. All I care about is the fact that you should think about your LGBTQ brothers and sisters who do believe that marriage is a step towards equality for all people who come under the queer umbrella.

A vote for Romney would mean that you are taking this right away from them; a right that gay people and their straight allies have fought for for a number of years.

A vote for Romney is a vote in favour of treating gay people like second-class citizens, who are different from their straight counterparts.

Some of you may say "you are being a one issue voter". Does that really matter?

Your sexual orientation is central to who you are. I'm not saying it defines you, but it is definitely a big part of your life. A VOTE FOR ROMNEY IS A VOTE AGAINST YOURSELF.

Now, let's compare this to the current president, Barack Obama.

Remember when he supported gay marriage publicly: the first time any president in US history has explicitly stated this? Let me remind you.

(Source | orangecountyfldems via YouTube)

Can you not see? Are you so blind as to hear Obama speak so emotionally about our LGBT family, yet vote for Romney anyway?

Not only that, but Obama has supported other legislation regarding LGBT equality.

In 2010, President Obama repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which prevented gay service members from serving openly in the US armed forced.

President Obama has constantly supported the idea that foreign nationals in the States should be low priority cases in terms of deportation, allowing them to stay with their partners.

Obama has spoken out publicly against bullying in regards to pupils who regard themselves as gay - he even released an "It Gets Better" video, to show thousands of young people that he supports them and their right to be whoever they want to be.

So, you lovely gays, I'm going to ask you one more time: If you're voting for Romney... why? You are voting against everything many people just like you believe in.

A vote for Obama is a vote for civil rights.

A vote for Obama is a vote for moving forward.

A vote for Obama is a vote for EQUALITY.

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Anonymous said...

Welcomes the future new world of equality.. and same sex marriage.