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Friday 9 November 2012

Interview with Tucky Williams

Well, its the moment many of you have been waiting for: an interview with Girl/Girl Scene's Tucky Williams!

So, without further ado...

All Things Lesbian: Where did you find the inspiration to create Girl/Girl Scene?

Tucky Williams: I wanted to see a show that depicted what life was like for me and my friends, and there wasn't anything like that out there.

So the thing most readers asked was if you could give us any spoilers about Girl/Girl
Scene. Can you give us any hints on what fans should expect next on the show?

More Bender, more Avery, and more Ling. Those characters became really popular with the audience, so I gave them more screen time.

We read somewhere a while ago that you did not have funding for the series. Do you
have funding now? If not, how do you do it?!

The show is made on a modest budget. We’re only able to pull it off due to the dedication of the cast and crew and our belief that we’re making something great.

Are you hoping to carry on with more seasons of the web series?

That, and The Christmas Special.

Do you have any other projects in the running?

My friend Amber and I spent one weekend making a short film, just for fun with my FlipCam. It’s a found-footage movie. Some people saw it, and now it looks like we’re going to develop it into a real thing.

A lot of people tweeted saying how hot your voice was. Can you sing?

I’m a classically-trained singer. A contralto, obviously. But I can’t sing pop or rock to save my life.

Fan question time!:

“How did you meet Abisha?” – Bridget, New Jersey.

Through a bizarre series of events that the universe conspired to make happen. I accidentally wound up at a Sick of Sarah show in North Carolina. I vaguely knew who she was, and vice versa. We sort of kept in touch. I ran into her again in West Hollywood six months later, and I asked her to be on the show.

“What do you listen to on your iPod? Apart from Sick of Sarah, of course!” – Becky, England.

Lights! I’m in love with her.

“Are any of the storylines in G/GS based on things that have happened to you in real life?” – Jamie, California.

They are all based on things that have happened to me or to someone I know. Sometimes I’m accused of making the show too over-the-top, but I always laugh because I know that all of this stuff really happened.

Thanks you gays for all of the fan questions you sent in - they were awesome!

Click HERE for the official Girl/Girl Scene website!

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