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Sunday 7 August 2016

Out Entrepeneur Launches New #HomeSearch Platform

Out #RealEstate Entrepreneur, Avatika Shahi Launches Revolutionary #HomeSearch Platform

Tailor Your Search for The Perfect Home to Your Desired Life

Los Angeles, CA – Real estate entrepreneur Avantika Shahi has her mind set on one thing: to challenge the status quo within the real estate industry by putting the buyer into the driver’s seat.

Why? Because living in a home is so much more than just the walls that surround us. With that in mind, Shahi, a veteran real estate agent, has officially launched Haus, a real estate technology platform that enables home search based on needs and lifestyle.

At the click of a mouse, Haus goes to work and curates homes to find your perfect match.  Whether you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood with a good school district; want to know crime rates, walkability to coffee and restaurants or proximity to work…you name it, Haus finds the homes that connect all your dots!

Does the neighborhood have everything to match your lifestyle? Unfortunately, many homebuyers find out too late...after they buy and move in. 

The savvy entrepreneur and former architect, who is raising two sets of twins, knows how important finding a place that really feels like home is. “When I began to look for a property for my family, I became frustrated by having to visit multiple sites in order to get a comprehensive picture on a home or neighborhood in order to make a wise and informed decision. Despite tremendous advances in both data and technology in the past decade, real estate search remains largely the same as it was 10 years ago” said Shahi.

Yet, instead of letting her frustration sap her productivity, Shahi did something about it: she gave her problem a solution and built Haus - challenging how consumers can search for real estate.

Haus is revolutionizing the real estate market by providing homebuyers the unique experience to tailor their search for the perfect home according to their lifestyle. 

The company has partnered with HowLoud to incorporate sound as a lifestyle characteristic, making it the first west coast portal to add quiet/noise level to lifestyle search.

Neighborhoods and lifestyle elements are incredibly important to consumers searching for homes online, yet there is currently no easy way to search combining physical and lifestyle elements for the home and neighborhood. 
In comes Haus!

The company’s matching algorithm grades homes for buyers based on a combination of personalized community, lifestyle, and home search criteria. In other word, Haus takes the surprises out of house hunting and finds your perfect match. Think of it as the online dating site of the real estate industry. 

Buying a home is by far one of the most important financial decisions one will ever make … how then do you make sure it is the right home? 

A home is more than just a house, it’s your nest.

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