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Thursday 14 July 2016

Marina Rice Bader Releases AVA'S IMPOSSIBLE THINGS @ OUTFEST 2016


LOS ANGELES, CA - Writer/director/producer Marina Rice Bader is set to world premiere her new feature film, Ava’s Impossible Things, at this year’s Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival. The film will screen at the DGA 1 on Saturday, July 16 at 4:00pm with Marina and cast in attendance.                
Tickets are on sale at

In keeping with the "do-it-her-way-ethos” Bader is known for, she will give the film its worldwide release as a rental on Vimeo on July 17th, the day after its Outfest screening. The talented filmmaker is no stranger to this innovative strategy having released her Anatomy of a Love Seenmuch the same way in 2014. Gravitas Ventures will again join the team to take Ava’s Impossible Things to all other VOD and streaming platforms in the fall.

Fans around the world will be able to rent the film on Vimeo on any Internet-capable device for only $5.00 for a 48-hour rental period. Subtitled versions for a number of foreign languages will also be available including Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

Ava’s Impossible Things is the first film to receive an investment from Vimeo’s “Share the Screen” female filmmaking fund, which was launched at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival to support emerging female voices in film.

“I love Vimeo’s ‘Everyone is welcome, come be part of our vibrant community, create your vision and share it with the world’ mentality. I’m honored, and can’t wait to share Ava’s journey," says Bader.

The heart-wrenching tale tells the story of Ava and her mother Faye, bonded by many things…unconditional love, a passion for the arts, a belief that magic exists, and an insidious disease that will one day end both their lives.

It’s been three years since Ava moved back into her mother’s house to care for Faye, and as Ava witnesses the slow downward spiral all she can do is keep her mother’s spirits up while locking away the fears of her own future.
Today is a day like any other until rare guests and unexpected events compel Faye to make a shocking announcement, sending Ava into a tailspin.  Unable to deal with reality, Ava cries herself to sleep in her mother’s arms and escapes to a dream world filled with old friends and long forgotten desires.

Catch the genre-bending film on Vimeo July 17 after its Outfest 2016 premiere.

Watch an exclusive preview at:

About Soul Kiss Films and Marina Rice Bader:

In 2009 Marina Rice Bader founded Soul Kiss Films, an independent company dedicated to producing evocative, entertaining and compelling movies by women, for women and about women. Her first project out of the gate was to executive produce instant classic Elena Undone, followed by A Perfect Ending two years later. 

In 2014 Marina felt driven to go down a more authentic path, writing, directing and starring in Anatomy of a Love Seen, where she created an exciting new model of filmmaking not only during production, but with her creative distribution, earning much publicity.  Next came Raven's Touch, which she produced and co-directed with powerhouse Dreya Weber in 2015. 

Marina is currently in post-production on her most ambitious film to date as writer, director and producer, Ava's Impossible Things, premiering July 2016 at Outfest Los Angeles. 

"I have always had a love affair with movies, but it wasn’t until my early fifties that I had enough faith in myself to make the leap to actually creating them. I feel I’m just hitting my stride with American Ryder, a female ensemble action film shooting in 2017,” says Bader. 

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