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Saturday 21 March 2015

RONY TENNENBAUM's "Same-Sex Marriage" Rings Bring New Trends


New York, NY - The landscape of the bridal jewelry market has been experiencing an incredible shift in recent years. While traditional designs and classic solitaire diamond rings have flanked the showcases for generations, there is a movement toward new and contemporary.  This shift is greatly attributed to the surge in same-sex marriages flooding the country.

With over 70% of the LGBT community living in states that allow marriage equality, the demand for modernized wedding jewelry designs is imminent.  Trend setters in their own right and early adaptors to modernizing ideas and contemporary styles, same sex couples are a new audience who just gained access to the wedding industry and they are paving the way to modernizing it.

Rony Tennenbaum, whose powerhouse designs have been celebrated for more than 25 years by the LGBT community, is one of the driving forces behind this new wave of “Contemporary” design work and at the forefront of this new bridal jewelry trend.

 The New York based designer – has created collections of engagement and wedding rings that reflect the latest fashion trends, yet still incorporate everything that is timeless and classic about bridal.

Voted one of the Innovators of 2015 by InStore Magazine, Rony Tennenbaum and his brand are rapidly expanding across the nation reaching a new generation of jewelry consumers. 

Tennenbaum's collections are created to think "outside the box", be fresh and innovative ideas, but have surpassed far beyond just the LGBT market. 

While the LGBT wedding market continues to grow and to rally mainstream retailers around its customer – even the venerable 178-years-old Tiffany & Co recently featured a gay couple in its new ad campaign – the so-called “alternative bridal” has taken a new definition. If the basic rule is there are no rules, clichés are certainly passé.

Tennenbaum has seen a fast growth in demand for his unique collections. In June of last year, Seattle-based Ben Bridge Jeweler, owned by Warren Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway Inc., began carrying jewelry by Rony Tennenbaum, and recently added three more West Coast locations. 

This past September, Tapper’s added his collection to all 3 of its Detroit locations.  Expanding recently into 4 new markets, Tennenbaum is now located in: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Virginia and Washington. 

The Tennenbaum brand represents a growing movement in bridal jewelry fashion that pays attention to the individual storytelling.  Tennenbaum’s contemporary Wedding Jewelry designs mirror the new tastes and desires of modern wedding customers privileging the sentimental over the traditional – more than being different it’s about showcasing your personality and individuality.

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