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Saturday 22 March 2014


by Lauren W


That's right, I had the absolute privilege of interviewing this kick-ass band this week! 

Check out the interview below to find out more about Antigone Rising!

All Things Lesbian: Describe your music in no more than 10 words for those who haven't heard you (yet!).

Antigone Rising: Boot stompin' americana-southern-rock-n-roll with harmonies and guitar riffs.  

ATL: You've opened for a bunch of super famous bands. Who do you consider to be your biggest influences in music?

AR: Our biggest influences are The Beatles, The Allmans, The Stones, The Indigo Girls, The Carpenters and great female singer songwriters like Rosanne Cash, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin and Mary Chapin Carpenter. In that order. Not really. But close to that order. 

ATL: We read somewhere that you performed in Israel a while back, to show how music can unify and bring people together. What was that like? Would you be interested in doing it again?

AR: Traveling and performing in Israel and the West Bank was a life highlight for the band. We got as much from the experience as we gave. We traveled as cultural ambassadors for the United States and we'd go back again in a heart beat if asked. 

ATL: Where is your favourite place to perform? (i.e. a favourite city, a favourite venue, etc.)

AR: Eddie's Attic in Decatur, GA has become a favorite tour stop. The Bitter End in New York City is like our home field. Most recently, Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA just outside of DC has become a favorite as well. And Northampton, MA at the Iron Horse has been a longtime favorite venue for us.  

ATL: Tell us about any upcoming tours/gigs you have coming up.

AR: We will be on the road for much of April - we're headed down south with a great singer songwriter, Hannah Thomas. And we're looking forward to getting further west later in the year. 

ATL: Where do you stand on the 'celebrities coming out' debate? Do you think more well-known people (musicians, actors, politicians) should come out to show solidarity and set an example, or do you feel it is more down to personal choice?

AR: I think both things. It's certainly a personal choice, but I believe it's extremely important that public figures come out. Ultimately, it's a personal decision, though, and not one for any of us to judge. I believe that as much as I believe it's important to come out. 

ATL: Do you feel it's easy being out as a musician?

AR: I never thought about it. So yes, it must be easy! 

ATL:  Here's your chance for a shameless plug. Why should people buy your newest album?

Well, we work hard and care about what we do. And I think we made a really great EP that I am proud of. The songs are pretty catchy and relatable, and my bandmates rock, if I do say so myself. And I'll even offer a money back guarantee. But don't quote me on that....!

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