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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Kaya Scodelario & Billie Piper's Lesbian Appearance

Who in the UK has been watching the new BBC drama, True Love?

Unfortunately for those of you abroad, you won't be able to see True Love or catch up with it online, but I'm sure it'll come to BBC America pretty soon.

But what is it about?

There are actually only 5 episodes in the series, but each one is about one of the characters pictured above.

Episode 1 saw David Tennant, a.k.a Doctor Who, playing Nick, who cheats on his wife with his first love, Serena, played by Vicky McClure, of This is England fame. Then it was the turn of Ashley Walters, who cheated on his wife (played by Eastenders soapstar, Lacey Turner) with a girl he just met and then fell in love with.

A pretty star-studded cast for a minor UK drama, right?

Anyway, this week (tonight in fact, at 10.30pm on BBC1) its the turn of Billie Piper as Holly, a teacher who falls in love with her student, played by Skins actress, Kaya Scodelario.

Will you be tuning in? There isn't much information on the episode as of yet, but the teaser for episode 3 sees Piper getting quite angry at her on-screen Mum and Scodelario looking quite the love-struck teenager.

Nevertheless, if its as good as the first two episodes have been, I'll be sure to inform you!

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