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Monday 30 May 2011

My Weekly Girlcrush.

My crush this week is Meg Griffin.

I totally lie. No one likes Meg. (She's from Family Guy, if you weren't in on the joke...)

But my Girlcrush this week is the gorgeous Mila Kunis, the woman behind cartoon Meg's voice.

That's right, you may have only seen her in 2010 Oscar winning blockbuster Black Swan, or maybe, if you're a lesbian veteran, you'll have seen her in After Sex, in which she plays one half of a girl-on-girl couple.

Okay, firstly, Mila Kunis is shit hot. Look at her eyes, her mouth, her cute little button nose... Then there's her body. If you did see Black Swan, you'll have seen her lesbian dream sequence with lead actress, Natalie Portman, if you didn't, well, click THIS LINK. (That links to an edited version of the scene, as YouTube doesn't allow the whole thing. It's clearly too hot for them.)

I would have posted a picture of her body above too, but this Ukranian beauty (yep, she was born in the Ukraine) gets little attention paid to her beautiful face, so I thought that was just as good.

By playing the annoying Meg in Family Guy, and having starring roles in After Sex, Black Swan and The Book of Eli, we all know that Kunis is talented.

Not only that but she's also not shy of the odd lesbian scene - Meg also had a little snog with a girl on Family Guy, after she left prison...

Anyway, Mila is a hottie. Whether you like it or not. And there's no denying she's talented.

So get your movie head on and watch her films. You'll pretty much love all of them.


Marianna said...

never saw that 70's show?

lezstar said...

Totally forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me :)