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Saturday 21 May 2011

Gay Friendly Websites

Okay, so we've all heard of those typically gay-friendly websites.

But here's a social networking site that appears the be the most gay friendly social network to ever hit the internet.

Not only that, but seems to be RUN by gays.

I'm serious, every other follower I have is gay or lesbian. I rarely see straight people on tumblr, and when I do, they're usually gay-friendly.

In fact, traditional views seem to have doubled back on themselves.

Rather than people being homophobic, it appears that if you're homophobic on tumblr, the homo-lovers hate on yo' ass so hard you'll have to delete your profile.

Today, I signed in. And these few lesbian-orientated pictures came into view on the FIRST PAGE of my dashboard...

What did I tell you? RUN BY GAYS.

Seriously, it's amazing. You follow who you want, you don't follow who you don't want...

There's so much more to do on tumblr, too. You can post text, pictures, video, music... Pretty much anything you want, tumblr does it.

It's also a really easy way of creating a blog for yourself. (A damn sight easier than writing this one for you!)

So give it a go. Hope you love it as much as the gays and I do ;)

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