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Monday 30 May 2011

Glee Is The S**t!

Just a quick one for you Glee lovers.

Pretty much everyone loves the current gayest show on television.

So here's some of the latest bloopers from the series, starring our lesbian favourite Santana (Naya Rivera) and her on/off crush, Brittany (Heather Morris).



Kristan said...

Haha I had no idea “Santa” was a lesbian. Maybe this year the presents will be delivered by U haul instead of the sleigh lol.... I’m just teasing you. There’s a typo in your post sweetheart. Better luck next time and keep up the good bloging work.

lezstar said...

I found your comment funny until you wrote 'better luck next time', which I took slight offense to. But thanks for pointing it out!

p.s. It's 'blogging'. With 2 Gs. Better luck next time ;)

Kristan said...

Sorry about that, no offense was intended.