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Monday 23 December 2013

Lost Girl S04E07 Recap: "La Fae Époque."

WARNING: This article quite clearly contains spoilers of the highest level!

by Lauren W

This episode was SO FUN.

It was so fun I thought it was a winter finale.

Lost Girl, making us say WTF? since 2010.

We start with Bo (Anna Silk) dragging this dude into the police station.

Who is he? Where did he come from? Apparently this is all irrelevant because Lost Girl once again does not answer any questions.

They do reveal however that this is the guy who can lead the gang to Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried), who has been sentenced to death… For killing a bunch of people. Oh. Wow.

If that's not sex hair, I don't know what is.

After the title credits roll, we go to Lauren (Zoie Palmer) sticking probes to Bo’s head. All will become clear.

It seems they have recruited some kind of memory Fae so that Bo can look right into Dyson’s memory and figure out what really happened in his past.

Lauren pulls out her “magic ingredient.” (Heh.)

SING IT: You put the string round the succubus and tie it all up.

And the magic ingredient is… a red string?

The string binds two people together according to Lauren, and this is how Bo will enter Dyson’s memories. Oh, and the memory Fae gets one too. She’s going along for the ride.

The all-knowing Lauren also lets Bo know that she’ll probably find her memories merging with Dyson’s, and she might see faces she knows, rather than the faces from Dyson’s actual memories.

Somehow, Kenzi rocks a black hooded cloak.

While Dyson is chained up in the Una Mens’ cellar, it appears Hale (KC Collins) has found a way to smuggle Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) down there, who secretly ties the connecting red string to Dyson’s ankle.

But there are better places we could be averting our eyes.

Bo – in Dyson’s mind/body (ish) – wakes up in the past.

Why thank you, Dyson's memory, for this stellar image.

Looks like a pretty great party, until some kind of Fae hunter comes charging in.

But Bo/Dyson has already escaped.

Bo looks in the mirror, and though she looks like Anna Silk, through the looking glass she looks like Dyson. This is gender bending at its supernatural finest. (This episode is also full of Anna Silk in adorable almost-androgynous outfits.)

Any guesses on why they're dressed like Oliver Twist with rifles?

Unfortunately for Bo, Dyson got caught by the Fae hunters, who seem to want his head for sleeping with their daughters.

Luck is on her side in the end though, as its past Trick (Rick Howland) to the rescue! He leads Bo/Dyson to sanctuary.

“Fitzpatrick”, a.k.a. Trick, tells Bo/Dyson that they need to find this certain pair of mystical shoes to be worn by the true hero of the Fae world… I’m sure this will make more sense in due course. Right?

Bo was realizing this was not her iPod. "Who listens to Katy Perry, anyway?"

Back with Lauren, Bo is mumbling to herself. Her utterances include “he who wanders” and "boobs". Both of which strike Lauren’s attention, naturally.

In the subconscious, Bo/Dyson is greeted by a stunning young bar tender in angel wings, who just so happens to have Kenzi’s face.

Holy Kenzi. (Also note Bo's amazing outfit.)

She gets Bo/Dyson a beverage, and we also see a prince who seems to (quite hilariously) have Vex’s (Paul Amos) face.

I should probably note that this is the first time that Bo seemingly randomly sees a gym coach in the bar. Suspicious.

But the biggest surprise is yet to come. You see, the club singer, Flora, has this face:

All hail Queen TITania.

Whuuuuut! Yes, Flora’s face seems to have merged into Lauren’s, and she’s singing. In French. And the crowd love it.

I also kinda think the voice may actually be Zoie Palmer’s voice. One can hope, cause that would be awesome.

Bo/Dyson is dragged away prematurely however, as these are the steps Dyson took when this memory first came to pass.

Cutest scared face I've ever seen.

Hale is trying his best to convince the Una Mens to let Dyson go, when Kenzi’s (still undercover) phone starts to ring.


The Una Mens are super offended and sentence Kenzi to death too. Ooooooh dear.

Hot damn. Suddenly attracted to Lauren.

Lauren’s doppelganger at first seems happy to see Bo/Dyson and gives them a big smacker on the lips.

That then turns to a big slap round the face. And then there’s more kissing.

Bo is all “ooh, Vex’s royal lookalike is coming soon, let’s steal his shoes.”

And so the plan is hatched.

Very weird. But weirdly hot.

And then we cut to the sexing.

Bo is obviously turned on by the fact that Dyson is boning Lauren, and that’s kinda weird. Is there anyone on this show who hasn’t kissed the entire cast?

At which point, the real life Bo starts moaning “Lauren” and the real life Lauren is all “awww yeah, succubus wants ma bones.”

(I apologize that this is so confusing.)

Who knew green eyes and blonde hair would look so badass?

Back in the memory of Dyson, the plan is afoot. The Prince (with Vex’s face) enters the French Lauren’s dressing room and she attempts to steal the shoes.

BUT the thing is, he notices. So before he can hurt the mademoiselle, Bo/Dyson punches him right round the face, and (French) Lauren slips the mystical shoes on.

More plot twists ensue though: Lauren’s eyes turn this weird yellow colour and she realize she ain’t supposed to be wearing these shoes.

She kicks Bo and escapes, but Bo is hot on her heels and runs after her.

Pointless Lost Girl guest star #16389.

Turns out, it was Flora/Lauren who killed a bunch of people outside while possessed by the shoes, not Dyson.

The memory Fae who came with Bo decides it’s time to leave, but Bo refuses… So, forever the gallant type, the memory Fae pulls the red string off her ankle and leaves anyway while Bo/Dyson stays behind.

The memory Fae wakes up with the real Lauren, and tells her what happened. She leaves just before telling her not to take the red string off Bo no matter what.

Look at that forehead wrinkle.

A catfight ensues and Flora/Lauren ends up being shot by some guy. (Dyson also tells her he loves her just before that happens.)

Real life Lauren is increasingly worried, so she decides to join Bo in Dyson’s mind.

In the meantime, real life Dyson is telling real life Kenzi the entire story in the Una Mens’ basement. (Unnecessary, but they had to give Kris and Ksenia something to do.)

Trick always looks great. Always. Even in robes.

Past Dyson is then visited by Trick, who wants him to join him as his ‘second’. He obviously obeys and HURRAH, Trick reveals that he’s the blood King.

Then REAL LIFE Dyson (again, sorry for this ridiculous confusion) is all like “let Kenzi go and I’ll give you those damn shoes.” Ooh.

Lauren then enters Dyson’s mind too, and tells Bo she’s getting confused and her memory is melding with Dyson’s. Disaster.


Bo then notices that the coach that was in the French singer’s club earlier is walking by.

The coach holds up Dyson’s championship belt (apparently he became a competitor in the WWE without anyone noticing) and Bo realizes Dyson is trying to tell her something.

And thankfully she undoes her red string and wakes up.

Okay, Doccubus shippers. I'll give you this (very dark) screen cap.

Bo realizes she has no idea how to wake Lauren up, so she thinks maybe true love’s kiss will work… And it does!

They quickly head to wherever the f*ck the Una Mens are after finding the hero’s shoe inside Dyson’s wrestling belt.

Dyson and Kenzi are freeeeee! Kenzi is a free elf! I apologize.

For such coveted shoes, they are damn ugly.

Now everything is fixed, the gang sit in the Dal. Dyson tells Bo he’ll keep the other shoe safe for when the true hero arrives.

We end with Bo, announcing “here I come.”



Eeeeek! Things are really getting started now!

No Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) once again. No fair. But what a great episode!

What did y’all think? Tell us in the comments!

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NYPinTA said...

The "memory fae" is Cassie, the oracle from season one.