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Monday 11 March 2013

New LGBTQ Web Series: The 3 Bits

Here's a great new web series for you to dig your nails into: a Brooklyn-based story about 3 siblings, titled The 3 Bits.

The lesbian side of the story hasn't quite been posted yet... But here's a quick synopsis from the creators:

ROMAN BITS used to deal weed, but recently quit, much to her girlfriend’s dismay. When a member of Roman’s old crew steals a pound of weed from a rival operation, she finds herself in a tight spot. But she loves tight spots.
Sounds sexy, right?

And it is!

Check out the sneak trailer for Roman's character right here:

You can check out the web series' website by clicking HERE, where you can view the first published episode, starring the adorable gay character, Henry.

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