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Friday 15 March 2013

Awesome Lesbian Greetings Cards!

Are you fed up of shopping for greetings cards that just don't cater to a lesbian audience? I know we are.

So imagine our excitement when someone wanted to send us a free sample of their awesome LGBT-related greetings cards!

This adorable little Etsy shop sells LGBT-related greetings cards, at a meager $4 each (or 5 for $16. A bargain!)

And just look how awesome they are:

Great for a birthday!

"I am so glad we are on the same team."
Just say it like it is. *ahem*
Cute, right?

And you'll never have to hunt through thousands of heteronormative cards again!

What's more is they come in these cute little wrappings - it's always nice to find a company who cares.

What are you waiting for? Head over to browse cards for all occasions at

And don't worry, there's something for the gay boys too!

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