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Wednesday 7 October 2009

You Gay Men Have It So Easy!

You heard. You know very well that every gay male ever is 100% physically gorgeous and 85% of our gay ladies aren't a pretty sight.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of beholder, but you know what I mean by 'physically attractive'. I'm talking about the pretty face, cute smile, perfect ass and pert breasts kind of attractive. (Although, clearly when I say breasts, I'm not talking about the guys. Substitute 'breasts' for 'abs'. Or...'penis'? I wouldn't know.)

Alright, alright, I understand that not all of you guys are exactly like the Armani models above, but to be honest, you're not far off.

Now if you compare your stereotypical gay man to your stereotypical lesbian, you know perfectly well which one is more attractive. Not saying that there aren't both butch and femme lesbians who are beautiful inside and out, I'm just suggesting that flawless gay men are so much easier to find!

I for one have never found an ugly gay man. Of course, I know a couple who are ugly personality-wise, but never have I found one otherwise.

So please, if there really is a God, Buddha, Allah or Vishnu up there, send some beautiful lesbians to me! I need the cuddles.

P.s. This is not a personal dig at anyone in particular, it's just an opinion! And besides, inner beauty is always the most attractive quality of all.


Style Geek said...

Dallas, TX - I'll show you some UGLY gay men. One called ME tragic at the Pride parade and hit me in the face.

~Style Geek
Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fasionable People

jonathora said...

I have seen some ugly gay men here in Iceland, But I can admit that they have a good sense of style !,

jonathora said...
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A Strange Boy said...

The ugly gay men are the ones trying to pick me up at the gay bar.

Unknown said...

I dunno they are either hunky or fat the ones I know...

unpredictable said...

i think that you are totally right!! Especially the ones in NYC. ughh they make me so frustrated, even though i LOVE them all to death. They are usually very charismatic and confident too (sometimes a lil too much) But beautiful, they are!

Dallas said...

If you could go into a gay bathhouse you would see some ugly men, for sure.