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Monday 12 October 2009

Oh my goddess.

In regards to my ‘top 20 women’ blog, I have to say I have recently realized that I missed out a very important lady! (Who I’m pretty much certain is an actual goddess.)

Yeah I know, it’s not like me to make mistakes, but I haven’t realized the beauty of this woman until just recently. That woman is… Cheryl Cole.

I’d say it was quite probable that if you live in the States, you’ve never heard of Ms. Cole. She is, for your information, in a relatively new girl band from England named Girls Aloud.

Cheryl and her other four bandmates have been extremely successful in the UK – they have had 19 consecutive top 10 singles, with 4 of them topping the charts at number 1. Their single ‘The Promise’ (which is, by the way, one of my favorites) sold 77,100 copies in its first week, making it the fastest selling single in UK chart history.

Now, Ms. Cole is on the judging panel in the UK’s parallel to American Idol: a show called The X Factor. Aside from being the only reason I watch the show, I also approve of her accent (which is what Brits call ‘Geordie’ – Cheryl comes from the North-East city of Newcastle) and the fashion and glamour she brings to Saturday night television makes me love her even more.

So yeah, I suppose I’d just like to say that on my top 20 list now, my top three would be Eliza Dushku, Sara Ramirez and then Cheryl. (With just a little pinch of Jessica Capshaw, if you will.)
Do you approve? Or do you think Cheryl doesn't deserve a place on my list? (Say no, and you die.)

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