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Monday 19 October 2009

Is intelligence really attractive?

I suppose the main topic for this post is 'What do you look for most in a partner: beauty or brains?

I was thinking of this today in the library. How many times have you heard someone say 'OHEMGEE, geeks are totally hot because of the amount of useless crap in their brains'?

Okay, you've probably never heard anyone say that. But I bet you've heard at least one person say 'smart people are so sexy.' Well, I have anyway. And I can say that I totally agree.

To be honest, everyone thinks looks are important (if you say you don't, you know you're lying). But I have to say, when looking for a partner, I can't stand being with someone unintelligent.

For instance, I was once with someone for about five months, but her idiocy just annoyed me too much to stay with her. Like, I couldn't stand not being able to have an intelligent, serious conversation with someone I was romantically involved with.

Sure, most people like Megan Fox for her stunning looks and body, but could you really date her (and by date, I don't just mean 'have sex with') if she was as thick as two short planks?

Views? Do you prefer someone gorgeous or someone overwhelmingly clever? Both would be nice, but we all know that rarely happens.


BUGSAY said...

Intelligence is definitely an attractive trait. I cannot imagine a life with someone who cannot carry a decent conversation. Moreover, beauty fades over time while intelligence is something for keeps. But for me, the perfect girl would be someone who does not exactly look bad and talks with sense.

Unknown said...

I was in a relationship with a very shallow but sexy girl for obvious reasons, but I would feel like strangling myself because I would have to explain things to her double time, and I couldn't talk to her about anything remotely serious or intellectual, and that got me really thirsty for some smarts. And now I have a great combo with my partner. So I feel you with this article

Jumana said...

I totally agree with u , intelligence is important. However, I can't stand it if my partner is smarter than me... it's weird that smart ppl attract me, but once I find them exceeding my lvl , I just leave them ! --- for the first time, I'm admitting this X]