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Friday 30 October 2009


If you live in the UK, you'll have definitely seen this SEXY face before:

If you live in America or elsewhere, it is probably less likely.

This hunk of a guy is the leader of the British National Party in Britain. The BNP aim to work the British Empire into a white, heterosexual community. Of course, most of the British public aren't stupid enough to vote for him and his joke of a parliamentary party, and the chances of Mr. Nick Griffin becoming Prime Minister are even smaller now.

Last week, Griffin appeared on the BBC's Question Time: a show that talks of politics and other pressing issues live on television in front of a live audience.

The reason I am writing about Nick the Dick, as he has been appropriately nicknamed, is because of a certain lesbian that stood up during the show to voice her opinion. Dick had just expressed that he thought homosexual conduct in public was 'vile' and 'stomach-churning', causing a gay lady to speak up in protest.

I mean, what did he expect? Who ever thought of a lesbian as someone to keep her mouth shut?! Anyway, the dyke replied something along the lines of 'as for being stomach-churning? Well, the feelings mutual.' She actually implied that she found heterosexual PDAs vile also, turning Griffin's own argument upside-down.

Clever lesbian.

This post was basically to congratulate this anonymous lady in her courage of speaking out in the crowded room and giving us some good publicity for once!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Lezstar♥,
Hereby I have the pleasure to let you know that I published “BNP? WTF!” in my Blog.
Thank you for everything!
Love,tender greetings,

purple_moogle said...

Actually I'm pretty sure she was implying that she found Nick Griffin vile, not heterosexual PDAs which would somewhat validate Nick's argument. What she actually meant is a much wittier response!