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Saturday 29 June 2013

Up & Coming LGBT Music: Reasons Be

Los Angeles, CA – Humble yet handsome is the brotherhood of Reasons Be. The pop duo is releasing their new single “Say Goodnight,” available on iTunes, with a music video to top it off. Two musicians couldn’t be more perfect together and the Reasons Be men have been getting recognized all over the indie music scene for their undeniable talent. Their tasteful music touches on real-life matters and relays them in a way that is salacious and satisfying. As their musical alliance gets stronger, the music gets better and their fan base gets bigger. The band has a huge following that are dedicated to seeing them rise to the top. 

Driven by a pop-friendly mix of electronic sounds and folk-inspired guitar chords, the single “Say Goodnight” is defined by the free-flowing and aesthetically pleasing sound that is signature to the band. Featuring compelling lyrics for the lover’s ear, the song kicks off with a soft introduction that bursts into orchestral layers of synths and rhythmic percussions during the chorus and carries throughout the song. Reflecting their undeniable chemistry, “Say Goodnight” showcases impressive harmonies and memorable lines that leave listeners singing after the song ends. Having done amazing production for big acts such as Puddle of Mudd, Rise Against, and Shinedown, producer and engineer Lee Miles utilizes his technical and creative chops to optimize the band’s acoustic sound and enhance it with mainstream capability. 

Directed at the hands of Yannis Zafeiriou(Extreme Makeover), the music video is a tear-jerking visual to the single with an even more pensive script. Completely shot in slow motion Cinemascope, the video starts off with news of a pregnancy and ends with the revival of a woman by angels, encompassing the circle of life. Throughout the video, which was shot at locations around Los Angeles, there are two angels who constantly watch over the unfolding storyline, speaking to the notion of never wanting to say goodbye – as the song goes. “'Say Goodnight' is our finest art yet.  It's relatable, powerful, and leaves you wanting more. The lyrics express the words your heart longs to say but maybe your mouth won't allow you to,” the pair explained. 

There are many things you can find on Craigslist these days. Scotty and R.E.L are thankful to have found each other over an audition ad. The two are able to convey heavy emotion through their songs because each of them has experienced difficult situations in their lives. Shining with optimism and ambition, Reasons Be is a sonic energy ball waiting to explode with good music for all to enjoy. In their own words and mantra, live life and let the reasons be and visit www.ReasonsBe.comor for all the juicy updates. 

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Here is the link to video! Its awesome!!!