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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Lesbian Fiction: Magical Echo

Okay, so the books this lady writes are not about lesbian life. In fact, they're often about something much
different. (Usually zombies, the paranormal, or some form of other supernatural phenomenon.)

BUT hear me out here. Lesbian authors are something we don't hear much of, so we have to support the ones we do have, right?!

We heard about Linda Kay Silva from one of her fans, recommending us to read her work. And what great work it is!

If you head over to Linda's official website,, you will be greeted with a free preview of Magical Echo. The website also contains a list of Silva's former works, which you might also want to check out.

You can purchase some of Linda's awesome writing via Amazon or

Don't miss out! Make sure to support a talented, lesbian author today.

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