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Friday 17 July 2015

tello Films Review: Brunch with Bridget

by Lauren W

When a member of the tello Films team offered me a year's free subscription on their site, I couldn't have been happier. tello is one of those companies I'd known the name of for years, but, like a magical, otherworldly unicorn, I never quite saw it with my own two eyes.

Am I being too cryptic? Probably.

So... What is tello?

tello, in it's own words, is "a subscription web-series site dedicated to producing quality lesbian series. Every series on our site is made by, for, and about lesbians and lesbian-friendly allies."

If that description alone isn't enough to tempt you, I don't know what will.

Naturally - being a lesbian of habit - I jumped right to a web series I'd already seen seven years ago. That web series was Brunch With Bridget.

I wonder if Cersei Lannister can wield a banana gun as well as this?
Yup, hold on to your panties, that is lesbian favourite Queen Bitch Cersei herself, Lena Headey.

Of course, I had to (re)watch this episode first, because BwB was filmed before Game of Thrones even started, so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at a humble Lena before she was too big of a superstar. (Granted, she'd already been in blockbuster hit 300 at this point, but the majority of heterosexuals were talking about Gerard Butler after that movie, and not our gay little florist from Imagine Me & You, which is a cardinal sin in itself, if you ask me.)

Turns out, Lena seems 100% the same today as she did back then; down-to-earth, slightly mean, and very hot.

Anyway, more to do with the web series itself.

Brunch With Bridget is hosted every week by lesbian comedian, Bridget McManus. (She may look familiar because she was a regular on The Queen Latifah Show up until recently.)

Every week, Bridget invites someone gay - or someone who's played gay - into her bed for a candid interview which ends in a pillow fight to the death. (And if that hasn't enticed you into subscribing to tello, I'm pretty sure you've stumbled across this website by accident).

tello brought back so much nostalgia by giving back this web series that I was transported way back to 2008 when I was a teeny, tiny, 16 year old baby dyke, who was still crying because The L Word was almost over.

Bridget (left) with regular SNL cast member, Kate McKinnon.
Just as I remembered, Bridget was a crazy yet hilarious host, and never seemed to be intimidated by the guests she was speaking to. Why is this a good thing? Well, it meant she could ask them the most embarrassing questions that no one else would dare to. And let's face it: those are the type of questions we really want answered.

If I were you I'd seek Brunch with Bridget out right this second; there are over 60 episodes for you to catch up on! Plus, it's really fun to see all of these lesbians and allies from before they became household names.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Nikki & Nora for the first time.

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