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Sunday 11 January 2015

FEMME LESBIAN DOCUMENTARY "Girl on Girl" To Continue Shooting!


Exactly two years after beginning her journey: Girl on Girl, director and LGBTQ activist, Jodi Savitz, will embark on a road trip down the East Coast to shoot the final footage of the documentary.

The groundbreaking film highlights the emotional consequences of feminine lesbian invisibility— the phenomena in which, due to their feminine or “passing” appearance, many LGBTQ women are assumed to be straight by the outside world and are thus rendered invisible to each other. The film’s cast features seven women from New York, Florida, Utah, and North Carolina, including ‘celesbian’ Lauren Bedford Russell (The Real L Word: Season 3).

The trip corresponds with the launch of the film’s Indiegogo Campaign this Thursday, January 8th. The campaign, entitled, “REEL Visibility,” aims to raise $25,000 to fund the documentary through to post-production. Donation perks include exclusive credit on the Girl on Girl film (in accordance incrementally with their donation), up to and including the opportunity to submit a personal video clip. The collective video clips will then be assembled as a short film entitled, Reel Visibility, and will play as a precursor to the film.

Girl on Girl has become an entity greater than the documentary itself. It is a community driven movement and platform for fan engagement that goes beyond the scope of a traditional film release. The REEL Visibility project is one of the myriad ways that Girl on Girl continues to break down the barriers between filmmakers and their audience.

Already equipped with the car and cameras, the team is adding a unique twist to their fundraising efforts by offering fans who live along the East Coast the chance to become a part of The REEL Visibility Road Trip!

For those fans looking to donate more substantially to the campaign, the director and cinematographer will personally drive the donors' home, where they will professionally film their clip to be featured in the “REEL Visibility” short film. The clip will also be posted online in real time, giving the 250,000 Girl on Girl Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers the chance to see both sides of documentary filmmaking, from production to live engagement! Fans can follow both the campaign and the film’s progress throughout January on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.   

The road trip is set for January 9th- January 22nd and the Indiegogo fundraising campaign will run through the end of February. Those fans interested in becoming a part of “REEL Visibility” on the road will therefore have a limited window of time to donate in order to be added onto the trip’s itinerary.

Do you live along the road trip route? (That is, along I-95 between NYC and Miami!)

Want to become part of The REEL Visibility Road Trip? 

Here’s how:
1) Email ASAP to contact a producer
2) We will contact you and confirm if we can come to your home
3) Once your visit is confirmed, DONATE $250+ on our Indiegogo campaign at
4) The team will meet you to professionally film your REEL Visibility clip
5) Get featured in the Reel Visibility short film and online!!!

Girl on Girl is produced and directed by burgeoning filmmaker, Jodi Savitz, and produced by Italian Golden Globe winner Dahlia Heyman, and Lauren Savitz. It is sponsored by the prestigious non-profit, New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), and therefore any donations made directly to NYFA on its behalf are tax-deductible.

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