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Thursday 8 May 2014

Dattch, The LESBIAN DATING APP Is Coming To LA!

After months of speculation and demands, Dattch is finally launching for lesbian, bisexual and queer women in LA. The app that made it easier than ever to meet and talk with women will be launching in Los Angeles on Friday 9th May.

Dattch rose to fame in the UK and across the US by creating something unprecedented: a lesbian app that was actually designed for women. No more re-skins of gay male apps. Since their release in San Francisco just 8 weeks ago, Dattch has seen thousands of requests from across America but LA drove the most downloads, making it the next city for the app to be released in.

With their female driven user experience and beautiful design, it’s clear from the outset the difference this makes. With Pinterest inspired profiles, girls upload images to show who they really are, pulling from their Instagram and Facebook feeds.

To coincide with the launch they’re releasing an overhaul to their most popular feature Would You Rather. Women now choose between two profiles and matches get a conversation opener. It’s less about Hot or Not, more about personal preference. And the girls are hooked; since going live in January, they’re seeing it played over 150,000 times per month.

But most controversially, Dattch grabbed headlines by only allowing female identified users on the app. With totally private Facebook sign in they’re the only app to have no male identified users on a lesbian site. Shocking. But finally lesbian, bisexual, queer, pansexual, flexisexual and every woman under the sun can finally get used to using an app that is just for them.

Dattch will continue to launch in the US on a city by city basis and users can request for their city to be next by voting in the app. The minute 2000 requests from any city are received, Dattch will publish the app live.

Twitter: @dattchapp

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