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Friday 1 February 2013

LESlieVILLE: A New Lesbian Web Series!

Know what's great? Being able to access great lesbian content... for free!

Check out this press release for brand new web series, LESlieVILLE.

LESlieVILLE is...
...a webseries about connection, attraction and navigating between lust and true love. It's the story of two girls meeting, clicking, but one is already in a relationship. Still, the two carry on with their "friendship" firmly wrapped up in denial about what they're really doing - falling in love. 
Filmed in the fall of 2012, this original indie webseries is premiering online on February 6th, 2013. Created by queer, indie filmmaker Nadine Bell (SPACE Channel, Out with Dad, The Devil's Mile), LESlieVILLE is a ten episode series exploring what happens when a woman meets the love of her life... while still dating someone else.  
Bell’s main purpose in making LESlieVILLE was to give back to the community.   She feels it's extremely important for young queer men and women to have the chance to have some balance against the heteronormative feed that viewers ingest all their lives.  "I'm geeky for my people you know?" Bell adds. "I get obsessive fan girl over the silliest shows for the barest hint of girl/girl love. Seriously, I've watched everything.  I think you have to classify yourself as a geek when you are watching unsubbed German and Spanish soap operas to see gay content, trying to extrapolate the storyline as best you can!” 
Among her cast are a Dora Award nominated actress, an actress stepping into her first feature film role directly after completing LESlieVILLE, a New York City and theatre scene alumni, and an internationally awarded science fiction author. And the crew is no less impressive. "I was honoured when Nadine asked me to be her cinematographer. I jumped at the opportunity, how could I not? I fell in love with her script immediately. I'm so proud of what she's done, and that I could be a part of this beautiful series," says Jason Leaver, international award winning creator of the queer webseries Out With Dad.             
  "...Sight", the first episode of the series, will go live on February 6th on The first three episodes will also be screened for the public and the media at The Flying Beaver Pubaret (488 Parliament Street, Toronto, Canada). The event will run from 7 pm to 10 pm.
Sounds awesome, right?
And for all of you lucky people in Toronto (including me!), you'll be able to go to a screening of the series next week!
Put it in your diaries, ladies.

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