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Friday 9 March 2012

AfterEllen's Ultimate Kissing Championship: Who Did They Miss?

You may or may not know that AfterEllen is hosting an Ultimate Lesbian Kissing Championship. (Click HERE to vote if this is new to you!)

Firstly, I'd like to say how pointless I find it (Glee's "Brittana" will win, they win everything because they're in the present and no one has forgotten about them yet... I'll be surprised if they don't take the crown).

But I realised that there are lesbian kisses that AE failed to mention. Here are the first few that came to my mind.

Lauren/Kenzi (Lost Girl).

The AfterEllen version included main lesbian couple, Bo & Lauren, but failed to mentioned the hotness that was this kiss.

Kenzi, a.k.a Ksenia Solo, a.k.a the Light of my Life, (right) failed to get a mention in this valiant effort.

Alas, Bo was only hallucinating that this happened, but when it was first aired, I absolutely died. It was ridiculously hot.

Willow/Kennedy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Of course, Willow & Tara are everyone's favourite Buffy couple, but what about Kennedy?

Of course, everyone hated Kennedy. Less because she was a bitch and more because she was the 'replacement' for their beloved Tara.

However, this kiss was hot. And so was the one on the bed. And their first kiss... Before Willow turned into the man she killed.

Kim/Sugar (Sugar Rush).

A less well known couple are Kim & Sugar from British series, Sugar Rush.

The series, for those of you who didn't know, follows Kim (a teenage lesbian) who has the biggest crush on her best friend, Sugar (above right).

At the end of season 1, fans finally got to see the pair kiss, but we'll forgive AE for forgoing this one, as they put Kim and Saint (her later girlfriend) up instead.

Cassie/Thelma (Hex).

A perhaps even less well known British series, and one that is GREATLY unappreciated.

So now you're interested, huh? Hex was basically a short-lived UK series that was a mix between Buffy, Lost Girl and humour that resembles Sugar Rush.

This scene in particular was incredibly sexy. And the whole series included one of my favourite, under-rated actors of all time, Jemima Rooper, who also guest starred in Sugar Rush for one episode.

(I could go on to mention Thelma's sex scene with girlfriend, Maya, but I'll just stick a video of it in instead for your pleasure. Plus, I find her Irish girlfriend, played by Laura Donnelly most adorable).

Which other kisses to you think that AfterEllen missed and deserved a mention?

Perhaps they missed your favourite L Word couple? Do you think Jane Lynch and Cybill Shepherd deserved a mention? What about Shane and Molly?

Comment below and let me know!

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