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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Born This Way Banned... AGAIN?!

Yep, you heard it. Lady Gaga's epic gay-loving album, Born This Way, has been banned in yet another country.

There's Gaga above, who won the Fashion Icon prize this week at the CDFA Fashion Awards.

Also this week, BTW was banned in Lebanon, after Father Abdo Abu Kassm, director of the Lebanon Catholic Information Centre announced the following:
"If they are going to offend us we are going to cancel the album. We will not accept that anyone insult the Virgin Mary or Jesus or Christianity ... Call us traditional, call us backward, call us whatever you want. We will not accept it."
So basically, Father Kassm is inviting us to call his people ridiculous. Surely if those religious people that this records 'offends' hate the idea of religious 'insults' so much, they just wouldn't buy it?

Also, have Lebanon not heard how Gaga herself is Catholic?

Gaga frequently mentions her love for God and her faith, prays every time she goes on-stage and her tweets reflect that fact.

Furthermore, she has explained the meaning of the song 'Judas' - one of the songs which is causing this controversy, and have revealed that Judas is simply a metaphor for a guy she dated and kept going back to, even though he betrayed her. (Which is sort of what happened in the Bible).

I'm also pretty sure that Gaga's hit single Born This Way, which contains the lyrics "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life, I'm on the right track, baby, I was born to survive", were some of those words that also offended said Catholic religion mongers.

Why don't they just censor or cut those words from the album? I mean, I'm sure Gaga would be opposed to it, but it doesn't mean that those in Lebanon who are struggling with their sexuality should be forbidden from hearing her song about individuality.

Personally, I find this ridiculous that today, free speech and freedom to purchase which music records you want to purchase are forbidden in certain countries.

Which country do you think will ban Born This Way next? Comment below!

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A Strange Boy said...

Stuff like this highlights how important the seperation of church and state are.