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Thursday 18 March 2010

Not Another Lesbian Let-Down

I'm pretty sure all (or most) of you have heard about the girl who recently wanted to take her (female) date to the prom?

Yep, Constance McMillen wanted to take her date - who was going to wear a tux to the event - to her high school prom in Mississippi. However, never did the pair imagine that the school would express concern with this and cancel the entire prom.

Yeah, that's right. They didn't even just ban the couple, they cancelled the entire prom over a pair of lesbians.

This led to bullying from other pupils, not because they were gay, but because they were all looking forward to prom and blamed its cancellation upon the couple.

Is this right? I think not.

What do you think? (Post in the comments!)


Natja's Natterings said...

No, I had not heard of this before but WOW....I really cannot believe this would happen in this day and age, I am horrified!

Welcome to 1953 Mississippi!!!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I'm not really surprised. I don't really know how most of these things work in the US, but over here, while lesbian couples would be acceptable, I think there'd be a fair few parents who would be disapproving.

Do you know if it was solely the school's decision or whether parental concern was an influential factor? In any case, it's sad that this sort of thing still happens.

- Deft

lezstar said...

Apparently the principal said 'if a guy came wearing a dress, I wouldn't let him in, so I just can't let a girl who is wearing a tux in.'

Anonymous said...

Well, I could understand not letting in a guy in a dress, but females are commonly seen to be wearing button up shirts and pants all over the place. The principal's reasoning doesn't exactly seem justified.

Taylor said...

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lookatthestar said...

its not fair to do that to people..jeez just ban the girls is good u have to cancel the prom? really?? really??

lets burn the school down..for sure!

solz said...
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solz said...

I live in MS and remember being highly embarrassed about that entire situation, but sadly this area doesn't like anyone who isn't White, Straight, Protestant, and Uneducated. There is a definite movement against all these groups and I can't stand the utter insanity of it all. I am basically ostracized from the main society because of my stances on these "high and mighty" stereotypes. I just hate it that someone else has to deal with the same crap I have to.