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Friday 20 February 2009

Regaining faith in 'Grey's Anatomy'

Like most gay ladies, I lost a lot of respect and interest in abc's Grey's Anatomy after they fired one of only two bisexual characters last year.

Erica Hahn (played by Brooke Smith) and Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) were enjoying an incredibly sweet relationship on Grey's, until they decided that they would just dump Hahn in the parking lot of no return.

However, the most recent few episodes have restored my hope for their representation of gay and bisexual people.

Callie has been introduced to the lovely Arizona Robbins, played by Jessica Capshaw, who you may know as Nadia from season 5 of The L Word, in which she seduced the jaw-dropping Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals).

In the newest episode (which aired February 19th), Callie ended up asking Arizona on a date. To my surprise, she actually said no! I mean, I for one would never say no to this foxy lady:

Capshaw is a bit of alright too...

So listen up, writers and producers of Grey's Anatomy! If you ensure that these two get together for real, I will come down there and be your personal slave. Thanks.


Rosalie Kate said...

Even though I don't watch this show anymore, I seriously hope they don't mess this up again, they'll lose a lot of viewers I think!

Btw, not to nitpick, but Nadia was in Season 4 of TLW, not Season 5 :)

lezstar said...

Pssh, season 4, season 5... all the same thing! lol