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Friday 9 January 2009

Cat On The Prowl.

As you may or may not know, I'm a HUGE fan of lesbian and bisexual site And just recently, as I've had more spare time, I've started watching more and more vlogs. (That's short for 'video blogs' if you're not so tech savvy...)

Anyway, my personal favorite vlogs over at AE are 'Brunch With Bridget', 'This Just Out With Liz Feldman' and the late 'We're Getting Nowhere', (R.I.P!) starring Dante's Cove beauty Jill Bennett.

As I've never mentioned it before, I thought I should mention the greatness of one of the latest additions to video blog family 'Cat On The Prowl.'

Hosted by the completely adorable lesbian comic Cat Davis, Cat On The Prowl is funny, clever and downright entertaining! If you've never visited AfterEllen before, I suggest you do. It's especially good for lesbian/bisexual women who are still in the closet and have no other means of expressing their thoughts on their gay lifestyles. There are even forums you can talk to other gay people in.

You should also visit Cat's MySpace at to see some of her hilarious stand-up! Cat will also be performing at Dinah Shore this April, so book your tickets early.

Here's a quick sneak-preview of some comedy from the lovely Ms. Davis. (Who also happens to be a total musical theater geek - which I dig!)

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