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Sunday 4 January 2009

10 Favorite Lesbian Anthems...

So there are a lot of songs that I class personally as 'lesbians anthems'. I was just wondering, would 2009 produce any more great songs loved by Sapphic ladies?

Here I've produced a list of 10 songs (in no order!) that I, along with my lesbian friends, really love. It was harder to compile this list than I thought it would be, but I got there in the end... (Thanks to my friend Rosie.) And I've been extra careful not to let any lesbian imposters slip in there...

1) Hit Me With Your Best Shot (1980) - Pat Benatar.

So Pat isn't a lesbian... Doesn't mean we don't love her! With catchy lyrics, who cares?
If you like this song, you should also listen to:
  • Heartbreaker.
  • Love Is A Battlefield.
  • Shadows Of The Night.
2) Wait Another Day (2008) - Uh Huh Her.

1 lesbian. 1 possible lesbian. And that's not the best part! A relatively new band, starring The L Word's Leisha Hailey and the gorgeous Camila Grey, Uh Huh Her have charmed lesbian audiences all over the globe. They love their fans, and we love them.
Also listen to:
  • Covered.
  • Dreamer.
  • Not A Love Song.
3) Entertain (2005) - Sleater-Kinney.

Riot grrrl at it's best. There aren't really many riot bands left, but this song takes you back to the time when we were flooded with it. Great to dance to!
Also listen to:
  • One Beat.
  • All Hands On The Bad One.
  • What's Mine Is Yours.
4) Closer To Fine (1988) - Indigo Girls.

I have to say, the Indigo Girls are possibly one of my favorite lesbian bands... Ever. Their lyrics are sweet and meaningful and Closer To Fine just generally makes me happy.
Also listen to:
  • Romeo and Juliet.
  • Galileo.
  • Let It Be Me.
5) Crazy On You (1976) - Heart.

Gosh, look at that photo... You know you thought Heart were stunning back in the day. And their songs are raw, with guitar solos that almost make you pee your pants. Okay, maybe not pee your pants, but I'm sure you love them so much that you would pee your pants if they asked you to.
Also listen to:
  • Shell Shock.
  • Alone.
  • What About Love.
6) Not Listening (2008) - Sick Of Sarah.

The youngest and newest band of this list, Sick of Sarah are the closest thing to Riot Grrrl I've heard in years. They're catchy, wild and just plain gorgeous. To top it all off, their tune 'Not Listening' become the theme song to's Brunch With Bridget last year.
Also listen to:
  • Daisies.
  • Mr. Incredible.
  • Breakdown.
7) Echoing (1994) - The Murmurs.

Well done to Leisha Hailey! This is the second band featured in our list in which the lovely Ms. Hailey was a member of, but this song deserved a place. The best lyric obviously being "There's nothing disgusting about being gay, so many people have bad things to say, maybe they should try it some day..." What's not to love?!
Also listen to:
  • Genius.
  • La-Di-Da.
  • Underdog.
8) Down By The Water (1995) - PJ Harvey.

Despite being aesthetically yummy, lesbians love PJ Harvey's dreamy lyrics and beautiful songs. And there's nothing better to listen whilst having hot, steamy bedroom time. Not that I would know, of course...
Also listen to:
  • We Float.
  • Hair.
  • Rid Of Me.
9) Sucka Mofo (2007) - Northern State.

The final modern band on the list, Northern State are ultimately just... uber cool! Looking at them, you wouldn't think they were a rap group, but they are quite possibly the only rap group I can actually stand.
Also listen to:
  • Away Away.
  • Girl For All Seasons.
  • Vicious Cycle.
10) Edge of Seventeen (1982) - Stevie Nicks.

Last, but definitely not least, what lesbian music list would be complete without a dosage of Stevie Nicks? Amazing vocalist, amazing song-writer, is there anyone who will ever beat Stevie? Probably not. I'm willing to take on anyone who challenges that last statement...
Also listen to:
  • Leather And Lace.
  • And The Days Go By.
  • Crystal.
So there we have it, my top ten lesbian anthems and artists. Comment this with anyone you think I've missed.

And please don't kill me for not including Tegan & Sara in this blog...


Virgin Atlantic said...
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HJ said...

Fantastic, I can't believe I've never heard of the Indigo Girls before; I've given a few of their songs a listen on YouTube and they're fantastic!

Also, have you heard of Alex Parks? She won a singing contest (similar to American Idol) in the UK a few years back, is an out lesbian, and is totally hot! Fame wasn't for her though, so she's been very quiet as of late, which is a shame...

This blog is fantastic; keep it up!

lezstar said...

Yeah I remember Alex Parks! haha
She was pretty gorgeous I remember...
And thank you, I'll try my best! :)

Mutch said...

4 years ago, i totally would have agreed with your statement about stevie. but these days, i could list at least a half dozen songwriters who have put her to shame. that said, edge of seventeen is one of the greatest rock songs of all time.

however, i don't know what song you mean by "and the days go by"?

lezstar said...

hey carrie, I mean "If You Ever Did Believe" by 'And the days go by'.
and really? who?

Norie said...

I must say I am only upset at the fact that joan jett is not on here.... what happened?

lezstar said...

ahh of course!
Joan Jett! Thanks, Norie!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check some of those out, ended up here because I'm a massive PJ Harvey fan. An updated list might include Anna Calvi, but I am surprised by the omission of The Organ.