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Friday 29 August 2008

Gay Men and Gay Women hate each other?

So I'm going back to tenth grade, which is a long time ago, since I'm in college now. I don't know why I suddenly remembered this, but I thought I'd blog about it, just to hear your opinion.

Okay, I'm in a citizenship class with some of my friends. We are discussing gay and lesbian relationships with the community and leading the discussion is a guest speaker we have in school: a police officer. (Why we had a police officer in to talk about homosexuals, I have no idea.)

Anyway, so we're chatting about gays, and the officer comes up with the stupidest thing I ever heard. He says 'Gay men and gay women do not get along at all.' Someone next to me asks 'Why don't they?' The police officer replies 'They just don't. In gay bars, they stay away from each other.'

Annoyed by this, I put my hand up and say 'Well I get along
with gay men.' The police guy says 'But you're not a lesbian.' This left me even more pissed off with the guy, and I replied 'How do you know?' He then said 'I don't.' Then I just had to say 'Well I am a lesbian, and I have loads of gay male friends and get along with them just fine thanks.' Which then led to applause from all the gay and bisexual students in the room...

So I was looking for your opinion. Do gay men and lesbians generally not get along, or was the police guy just talking... well... crap? Do you have any homosexual male friends or is it some sort of stereotype for lesbians to steer clear of them?

Clearly the police officer wasn't as gay as this one.


FuelForMySoul said...

I think gay men and lesbians get along just fine. I have plenty of gay male friends and there's no problems between us. I think he was just making ridiculous, uneducated generalizations.

Anonymous said...

i agree with fuelformysoul, that cop sounds ignorant. Being from a small town there aren't many gay people but the ones that are kind of feel... united i guess you could say. They can relate to each others struggles or life. I have a few male friends who are confused and I'm very close with them. Recently i came out to one of my supervisors at work, a gay male, and he said "so now i have a sister you might say" and that's how i think most gay men and women feel, like they're connected on some level because our lives do differ from what most straight people go through. I don't know if it's different out in the world, and i do know in club scenes lesbians just write men off sometimes, that they don't want them around, but gay men usually aren't included in that from what i know. I suppose it differs with people and places but I'd say that overall that cop was wrong to generalize. That's funny that he told you you're not a lesbian, good job on firing back. ;)

hayley said...

I have lots of gay guy friends, I think they're awesome. We bond over our difference in taste!

Vero said...

The police officer must have not belong to the community. (for some historical context around the 80's) at one time there was a separation amongst the community. But what brought gay men and lesbians together unfortunately was the AIDS epidemic, far more men were dying and the lesbians in the community rallied together and to care of a lot of the gay men.

Harlzo said...

My cousin James is the biggest Homosexual ive ever met.. and i love him to bits :)
hah, i hope we get this lesson in year 10, i'll put the god damn police officer in his place hahah

Anonymous said...

I'm a lesbian and at this point in time I have two gay male friends and I love them.

I think it's bullshit, we're all people, and some get along and some don't. There are nice gay guys and there are little shits. Just because I don't get along with you it doesn't mean it's because you're a gay guy and I'm a gay girl.

That cop is ridiculously stupid.

Chris Spencer said...

Well Lauren, i believe the policeman was silly! Why didn't we get that lesson? Um.... yeah, he doesn't know what he was talking about.

Obs he's a stereotyping person that has no actual idea about the relationships between gay guys and gay girls. Just because gay males do not fancy the same gender as gay females, that doesn't mean we all hate each other. Right?

I like you Laurelbumm.. I could never hate you. No matter what that damn officer says.

Unknown said...

My cousin hates lesbians. Thinks we're catty. Go fig. But it's not unheard of. People from all reaches have all kinds of hate issues. =[

Anonymous said...

Well the are polar opposites, one a man the other a woman. One likes men and the other women. So they can get along but do not share this factor, that contributes to who we feel comfortable to talk to, and who understands how it really feels to be lesbian! I prefer straight women as friends.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the cop. I'm pretty decent in working a room socially (I'm in sales) except when it comes to gay men and some fulltime moms. How to you talk intelligently with a person who over dramatises everything, squirms like a fish out of water and has an in appropriately pervers sense of humor all the time?? Don't get me wrong .. I'm all about dirty jokes and innuendoes .. At appropriate settings. Gay men .. Don't like them one bit.