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Sunday 15 June 2008

Big Brother UK 2008

Personally, I don't find Stephanie McMichael from Big Brother 9 (below) very attractive. I'm much more of a sexy Jennifer fan.
Nevertheless, after this weeks 'fake marriage' that was hosted in the house, it still humored me when it was reported in the Daily Star newspaper that BB's Steph said that she'd have rather been asked to marry her fake husband Mario's REAL girlfriend Lisa than have to marry Mario himself. She reportedly said 'I'd rather have done the whole 'yep, I'm gay thing' than have to put up with him for the whole week!' Which makes me like Steph slightly more, despite her being the first house mate to be evicted from the show.

But I'm still more of a 'sexy Jennifer' (below) fan. Maybe if Steph & Jennifer have a lesbian love affair after the show, I'd like them both even more. ;)

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