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Friday 6 November 2015

New LGBTQ Music: Kerchief

(Brooklyn, NY) While Kerchief's LP Machines and Animals bears no title track, the sophomore single "Jack London" lends a fitting summary of the entire 11-song debut.

Formerly of the indie band Vanity Theft, Britt Hill cuts through with the poetically relatable and compelling edge that has grabbed the attention of critics and fans alike since the album's mid-summer release.

A dynamic composition tensely contained by its recurrent low-end hypnosis with a cumulating burst from a boundless wall of sound set the perfect tone, tying an underlying story of a creative person's journey from angst to ease.

Distinguished drum patterns contributed by producer Matty Amendola, alongside Hill's experimental melodic guitar arrangements, will have audiophiles hitting the repeat button while satisfying the first-time listener with its engaging hook.

The single, joined by its accompanying music video directed by Andy Strohl, premiered on OUT Magazine’s website, with a broadcast debut on THECOOLTV network to follow. Kerchief's sound, previously characterized as "fortified by straightforward lyrics that still leave spaces for a listener’s imagination" (by June Tunes Digest), intuited the intention behind the cinematically produced video.

Unexpected twists and turns with unprecedented artful attention won't be allowed to go unnoticed. "Jack London", slated as a firm follow-up to Kerchief’s 20 city summer tour, is sure to serve the indie rock culture of discovery and whet the appetite of any true music connoisseur.

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