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Thursday 20 November 2014

Ben Bridge Jeweler Extends Presence of Rony Tennenbaum Jewelry Collection To Three of its West Coast Locations

Seattle, WA - Ben Bridge Jeweler is proud to announce the expansion of Rony Tennenbaum’s Wedding Jewelry collection to three of its locations in Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles. In less than a year since inaugurating Tennenbaum’s collection in two of its Washington State stores, the world-renowned retailer has seen rapid growth in demand for Tennenbaum’s niche collections.

As acceptance of gay marriage continues to grow across the country, the LGBT wedding market has increased dramatically. The expansion of the Tennenbaum Jewelry line to three additional retail stores mirrors the nationwide embrace of today's evolving culture, traditions, expectations and new frontiers of same sex marriage - now part of the new normal.

The Tennenbaum brand represents a growing movement offering unprecedented visibility to the LGBT wedding market.

This past April, Rogers & Hollands - one of the largest & oldest family owned jewelry chains in the country - added Tennenbaum’s same-sex bridal jewelry to its Chicago-area stores. More recently, Tapper’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, Michigan's most trusted jeweler since 1977, began carrying jewelry by Rony Tennenbaum in all three of its Detroit locations.  

Continuing to expand its robust network of independent retailers and premier jewelry chains, Tennenbaum’s presence now extends nationwide to include major bridal markets such as California, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Virginia and Connecticut, to name a few. 

Rony Tennenbaum has been revolutionizing the bridal jewelry industry with 25 years of experience creating engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings for straight & same-sex couples. Tennenbaum’s unique pieces are built with fashion in mind and driven by classic, timeless features. Showcasing high-end designs beyond stereotypical rainbows and triangles, the Tennenbaum jewelry line distinguishes itself from the rest by focusing on love rather than sexual orientation.

About Ben Bridge Jeweler

Ben Bridge Jeweler was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1912 on a simple promise: to offer the finest jewelry, best selection, and friendly, knowledgeable service. Family-run for five generations, Ben Bridge operates more than 80 retail stores in 11 states including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.  In 2012, the American Gem Society awarded the Bridge family with a Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of their significant contributions to the jewelry industry.   For more information about Ben Bridge Jeweler visit

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