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Friday 16 December 2011

My Weekly Girlcrush: Ksenia Solo

Who? What? Why? Well... If you've ever watched Lost Girl, chances are, you'll recognize Ksenia.

Remember when I asked your opinion on whether or not I should watch Canadian fantasy-drama, Lost Girl?

Well, I did. And I'm kinda glad I did, too. Even if it was only for this little lady.

You eagle-eyed movie goers may remember her from 2010 Blockbuster, Black Swan, in which she played the bitchy Veronica, and she's also had guest roles in Nikita, Cold Case and Missing. Safe to say, Solo is talented.

It's possibly her endearing, quirky personality that attracts me more, however. As Kenzi in Lost Girl, Ksenia brings humour, wit and a lovable quality to her character, and judging from the photo above, she's kind of like that in real life, too.

What's more is that she compared the show to Buffy in one interview, which I couldn't get over because I'm personally saying that all the time.

Oh yeah, her eyes are also incredible. And those legs. Wow. Stop me before I get carried away.

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