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Monday 17 May 2010

Updates from my wisdomful Father.

I'll start off with a post from my tumblr:

Yes, these are the exact words that my Father said to me.

Other facts for you:

  • Every person who is gay will be beaten up or physically abused during their lifetime. (I will, and my gay male cousin will be beaten up even more, because he is male.)
  • Straight people who say being gay is okay actually go behind your back as soon as you're not there and call you 'all of the names under the sun'.
He also said to me "I know exactly how your life will pan out."

Therefore, aside from knowing all about gay people and knowing everything that every straight person thinks about gay people, he now claims to be psychic.

Feel free to throw abuse at my Dad, I really don't mind.

Also, please don't comment saying 'don't listen to him'. Don't worry, I'm not listening to a word: I am who I am.


Sopho Suave said...

Your dad sounds lovely. :)

Oh wait, no... My bad.... He sounds like a complete and utter C*NT.

Just sayin'.


*Runs off to call you every name under the sun with my other straight, gay-hating friends*

lezstar said...

p.s. even if she does think of me as 'that dyke'.

monkey1980 said...

hmmmm i'm a lesbian and i have a kid so by your douche bags i mean father theory does this mean im not really a lesbian wait no no i like girls to much not to be now i told you now you know

Unknown said...

Hey your dad and my dad have A LOT in common. Maybe they should both go jump off the nearest bigot bridge together.

What gets me is that I was such the "perfect daughter" (his words) the day before, and a "complete stranger" the day after he found out about me.

I didn't change my ENTIRE personality and life in 24 hours dad. I'm still the same person, you're just an a$$hole!

The worst part is that he'll probably never change his views...sad times.

Anonymous said...

A lot of straight people die alone. Wonder what they did in their perfect life?

Anyway, you can't blame age on your Dad's behavior and way of thinking. Just two years ago my Dad stood up for my Wife and I at our wedding. He just turned 90.

It's a shame that your Dad wants to put distance in between your relationship with him.

Jill said...
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Jill said...

Oh my...
I thought my girlfriends parent where terrible, but this is even worse.
When I read things like this I'm glad that I live in "free thinking" Netherland. Not that the Dutchies are great. They still beat gay people up and say stupid things, but i realise that it's way better here than living in an other country.

Anyways... goodluck with your father. I hope that one day he can see how happy you are with this life and hopefully he can change his mind about this and just be happy for you.

Anonymous said...

how long have you been dealing with this?

Kerla said...

Well you'll show him a lesson living a much happier and fulfilling life than he has. And (hopefully) being the generation whose children will feel ashamed of homophobes in the family.