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Thursday 15 April 2010

Melissa Etheridge splits up with her girlfriend

Okay, okay, I get that they were 'married' and I should have put 'wife' in the title, but you know how the American marriage system sucks for gay people? Yeah. That's why I didn't.

You may be thinking 'why do I care about these 2?'

Well, a) Melissa Etheridge is a folk singin', toe tappin' Queen and b) these pair were generally one of the most high profile lesbian couples around.

According to Tammy Lynn Michaels' (Etheridge's now ex-girlfriend) blog, the two have been on
the rock since January.

Huh! Who'd have thought it?

Anyway, it seems as though there's no official reason for their break-up as of yet, but the couple were together for 9 years and 'married' for a further 2. They also had twins, carried by Michaels, and Etheridge overcame cancer during their relationship.

Doesn't it suck when 2 people who seem like the happiest couple in the world actually aren't?


cloverseeker said...

It is so sad when anyone breaks up but especially these two,as they were the "great American Lesbian picture of LOVE". What I don't understand if they have 2 children together and were only having trouble since Jan.... why did they not go to counseling and try working on it- hell, they dated longer than that before they got married- why not try to work a little harder.?

Anonymous said...

not only does it suck, it's down right scary. it makes u wonder what else could go wrong that u thought was solid..