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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Child Custody: Hell For Lesbian in Vermont

We all have exes we really want to slap, right?

But what would you do if your ex - who you also had a baby with - claimed she was now straight and ran away with your child?

If you were any sort of normal person I'm guessing you'd be pretty pissed, quite frankly.

Well that's exactly what 'former-lesbian' Lisa Miller has done. Miller and her ex-partner Janet Jenkins got a Civil Union back in 2000 and Miller gave birth to little Isabella Miller-Jenkins in the same year. (That is not the family in question above - there we have an example of a real happy family.)

Now however, Miller has renounced homosexuality altogether and has pretty much gone into hiding in order to keep the child for herself.

The couple broke up way back in 2001, and courts in both Vermont and Virginia ruled in favour of Jenkins, even though she is not the birth mother. Miller did however have some custody over the child, but had since been warned that she may lose her custodial rights if she violated orders any further.

So Miller, who is now in hiding, was probably just scared of losing her daughter for good, but what was she thinking? Now her chances of seeing her daughter on a regular basis are next to nothing.

Jenkins has recently stated that she just wants "to be with her. Like any normal parent."

Thanks to morganSDGLN at Twitter for the tip!

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