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Wednesday 15 July 2009

Gay pride? Gay FAIL!

It's not often I say that gays fail at life, but in this case, they do.

Think of a gay pride parade: fun, energetic, colourful and, of course, super-duper GAY! So then why on earth did the organizers come up with the stupid idea to put every bloody pride celebration on a SATURDAY?!!?

Now I understand that many are only free on Saturdays because of work or study committments etc, but this is not the case for me. For me, Saturday is my most hectic day, as I have to work from 9.30am until 8.45pm. You may be thinking 'Just get the day off!' But in my profession, that is easier said than done. You see I'm the head of tap at a large dance school where I live, and I can't full well adjust the whole timetable just to suit my needs.

I'm not actually a fan of my job - it's inflexible and means I have to deal with children all the time (which I am not a fan of, by the way) - so maybe just this once the organizers of pride could put their festivities on a weekday. Just maybe?

I'm guessing this will never happen, but it makes me sad because I've only ever been to pride once, and that was on holiday in London. It was amazing, needless to say, which just makes it worse that I've never had the opportunity to go again.

NOTE: Changed my mind, gays don't fail at life. I've decided there are probably some heterosexual organizers who are out to get me putting a spanner in the works. HETEROSEXUALS, YOU FAIL AT LIFE!!

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