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Friday 19 September 2008

Lindsay Ronson?

So seeing as this is a lesbian blog, I thought it was about time I posted one about Lindsay Lohan, seeing as everyone seems to be talking about her these days.

Baby faced Lindsay (above) has had quite an eventful life already at the age of 22. She dealt with drugs, all-night partying, constantly being followed by the paparazzi... And obviously now there's the rumor that Lohan is in fact a queer lady.

As most of you know, Lindsay has been said to be dating Brit sensation Mark Ronson's younger sister Samantha. Samantha - a clear favorite within the lesbian community - is loved for her DJing and, of course, the fact that she is out and proud. Following these accusations, both Lindsay and Sam have posted various blogs on their MySpace pages about how they are very special to each other and have blasted homophobe Sarah Palin.

Pictures like this don't really make matters any better either.

Is it just me or does this picture give us any sort of clue?...

And to make this gossip even more juicy, there have been further allegations that Lohan & Ronson are getting married. Clearly it's 'cool to be gay' these days, so I'm just wondering if Lindsay is just playing along with this idea for some publicity. Who knows?

I guess we'll see if LoSon tie the knot...

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Harlzo said...

They'd definatly make a nice couple.. Lindsay has done next to everything so why not top it all off with a nice big lesbian wedding? :)